Final Finishing and Care

IMG_0122.JPGAll boards are hand finished and treated with the best food grade oils. We suggest you clean your board with mild soapy warm water and a soft cloth, however please do not immerse the board in water for long periods. After drying with a towel apply a suitable oil such as grapeseed oil once a month or more frequently to keep your board protected and looking its best. The more you oil the better protected your board will be. For even drying after cleaning or oiling or when not in use we suggest storing your board on its edge on a board stand. Please do not expose the board to direct sunlight or leave it in a hot hot car which can reach extreme temperatures. Inevitably the look of any timber board will change with time and with use and a unique patina will emerge that will be characteristic of the tasks it has performed, remember that history, for each cut or scratch is a record of the enjoyment and a reminder of the good times had using your Red Belly Kitchen Board.

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