About Us



Red Belly Kitchen Boards is a low volume board manufacturer which aims to create beautiful functional cutting boards and serving trays that showcase unique Australian timbers. With a sense of style they make great gifts to commemorate an occasion or reward an achievement and the intriguing design always sparks a conversation and adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen bench or dining table. With a range of sizes and timber species available there is a board suitable for most serving or food preparation requirements.

In a world where many day to day items are now mass produced and rarely touched by human hands during manufacture our focus is to slow things down and return to the days of handcrafted and hand finished designs. 

Every Red Belly board is uniquely crafted with no two being exactly alike, each one individually made over six or seven days involving about fifteen processes. Many other kitchen boards can take just minutes to make, some others may take an hour or two, we like to take the extra time to create a work that is beautiful, distinctive and reflects a creative kitchen.


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